Creating safe spaces where people can come together with peace of mind.

We are a custom OEM manufacturer of 222nm, far-UVC light disinfectant technology. Safe for occupied spaces while it is operating.

This means for the first time ever, viruses, such as the coronavirus and other pathogens can be eradicated in seconds while the room is occupied. This adds a layer of defense for any space where people are gathered.

Safety Is Our Middle Name

We are UV experts and focus on infection and virus prevention. We rise to the occasion in 2020 with UVC germicidal irradiation with our line of far-UVC light products. With a 99%+ Kill Rate (of Tested Microbes), our chemical free, UVC Lighting is a strategic part of taking action to finding a solution to protect humanity. As we focus on sterilization, we have become an industry leader in fighting bacteria and Coronaviruses transmission. We are an Illinois corporation specializing in safety products with germicidal far-UVC irradiation, HEPA air purification and negative ion oxygen generation technology.

Any references to “disinfection” are referring generally to the reduction of pathogenic bioburden and are not intended to refer to any specific definition of the term as may be used for other purposes by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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Our expertise in Germicidal UV lighting defines us as a leader in taking action of finding and creating a solution to protect humanity.


This scientific method of far-UVC light has been used to kill viruses, bacteria and other organisms from air, surfaces, and water. Our products make this technology more practical than ever before.


Our product line will deactivate any organism and destroy its nucleus. Disinfecting and sanitizing 99% of airborne pathogens chemical free within minutes even seconds.


Our products are versatile. Whichever indoor application you choose such as schools, retail, food service, commercial or residential the benefit from our UVC line will have a positive affect on your wellbeing and your community.



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