Buffalo Grove, IL – Vortex Safety Lighting announces Lake Forest Club of Illinois, is incorporating two of their new germicidal UVC lighting products this Fall/Winter; in their efforts to help protect their members and employees from COVID-19, cold and flu. 

Vortex Safety Lighting’s UVC Tripod and Mobile UVC Quartz sterilizer can disinfect and sanitize the air and surface areas, chemical and ozone free. With a 99.9% disinfection rate, their UVC sterilization light displays a 360-degree illumination ring that can help destroy viruses, bacteria, and mold rapidly and in large areas. The UVC Tripod illuminates and disinfects up to 645ft2 in 120 min. The Mobile UVC Quartz sterilizer will disinfect 1,291ft2 in 60 min. 

With safety being the primary focus, both products are equipped with sensors that will detect movement and turn off the device for protection. Either simply mounted on a tripod, or on a mobile application with wheels, both are easily portable, lightweight, can plug into any outlet and controlled remotely. These products are applicable for schools, restaurants, medical offices, hotels, retail and any indoor location where people gather.

Vortex Safety Lighting is an LED Lighting Inc. company since 2004. An Illinois corporation specializing in safety products with germicidal UVC irradiation, HEPA air purification and negative ion generation technology.