Employee safety is top of mind as employers consider how to best get workers back to the workplace. With no one-size-fits-all solution, how should companies proceed? Executives of three organizations involved with creating safer workplaces shared their insights with Crain’s Content Studio.


How is your organization contributing to a safer workplace?


Bill Hood: Vortex Safety Lighting’s ultraviolet (UV) lighting products disinfect both air and surfaces in offices and other workplaces, thus providing an extra layer of defense against COVID-19. Our products use a patented technology called far-UVC 222nm, which refers to the UV light’s 222-nanometer wavelength that makes it safe to use in occupied indoor spaces, not just when no one is present. Organizations hire us to assess their facilities, develop an appropriate UV lighting solution, then install and maintain it. Our goal is to reduce the number of annual superbug and viral infections, the number of patients suffering from these deadly infections, and the burden of the billions of dollars these infections cost our health care system every year.


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