Germicidal Ultraviolet lighting is a powerful antimicrobial sanitation solution. UVC lighting can help remove 99%+ of airborne pathogens including viruses, bacteria, and germs. Our UVC product designs are with you and your concerns in mind. Disinfect your space with proprietary and proven technology with the combination of powerful air movement with HEPA filtration and UV-C technology or with UVC lighting alone.


Medical News Today – Study reveals UV LED lights effectively kill a human coronavirus


What is UV Light?


UV light is a component of sunlight that falls in the region between visible light and X-rays on the electromagnetic spectrum, with a wavelength range of 100-400 nanometers (nm), as shown in Figure 1.
This light can be further categorized into separate regions as follows:


> UVA: 315—400 nm

> UVB: 280—315 nm

> UVC: 200—280 nm

> Far UV (or “vacuum”): 100—200 nm


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What is UV Disinfection?

IUVA Fact Sheet on COVID-19

UV Myths


Our expertise in Germicidal UV lighting defines us as a leader in taking action of finding and creating a solution to protect humanity.


This scientific method of far-UVC light has been used to kill viruses, bacteria and other organisms from air, surfaces, and water. Our products make this technology more practical than ever before.


Our product line will deactivate any organism and destroy its nucleus. Disinfecting and sanitizing 99% of airborne pathogens chemical free within minutes even seconds.


Our products are versatile. Whichever indoor application you choose such as schools, retail, food service, commercial or residential the benefit from our UVC line will have a positive affect on your wellbeing and your community.



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